July 29, 2022

Can a Claim Delay Mean Bad Faith in Mississippi?

If you have filed an insurance claim in Mississippi, like a life or health insurance claim, and the insurance company delays it they may have acted in what is considered “bad faith.” When an insurance provider engages in malicious tactics to avoid having to pay victims for their damages or get away with paying a victim much less than they are owed, they may be engaging in unfair claims practice. As a result, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners established the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act that each state can follow as a model to help them make their own laws to better regulate insurance practices.

Mississippi, though, has not adopted this model despite regular and consistent efforts by lawmakers to have the state accept it. When compared to other states in the nation, Mississippi does not have regulations and laws with respect to fair claims that protect consumers. Though, if an insurance claim is purposely delayed to harm a claimant, Mississippi courts have let bad faith insurance claim cases proceed. 

If you suffered damages from a violation of duties by the insurance company, they may have acted in bad faith. To get the compensation you need, the Mississippi bad faith insurance attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC can help you.

When Delaying a Claim is in Bad Faith

, Can a Claim Delay Mean Bad Faith in Mississippi?, Germany Law Firm PLLCA claimant cannot expect their claim to be processed lightning-fast and without any type of time put into an investigation by the insurance company. An insurance company has the right to look into the details for which a claim is brought forth against them to see if a claim is legitimate and to get a better idea of its value. The investigation by an insurance company into your claim should be expected and because of this, there will be some delays to be prepared for.

Though, when the amount of time and effort that is put into an investigation is unreasonably prolonged, this can put off a claim’s resolution. As a result, a victim may be put in a situation where they unfairly have to wait far too long to come to a conclusion with their claim and get the compensation they need. In fact, the final amount that an insurance company may propose could be much lower than what a true settlement should be even after a victim waited so long.

There is a precedent by Mississippi courts to allow claimants to be paid damages by claims that are unduly delayed. When an insurance company is not making a valid and acceptable attempt to investigate a claim and they are also withholding payment this may be considered acting in bad faith and a claimant may be able to secure compensation in response.

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