Best Destinations to Visit in Mississippi

Best Destinations to Visit in Mississippi

The summer travel season is upon us and this year, the motivation and eagerness for many people to be able to get out of their home and city are even greater. According to AAA Travel Agents, there is wide agreement that people are feeling more optimistic about heading out and seeing new places. Whether it be the increased bookings of cruise lines, the increase in air travel, or the expected bump in traffic from road trips, there is no doubt this season may be quite the busy one. One study that looked at Americans who were actively traveling or planning, found that 84% have established plans to be out and about over the spring and summer months.

If you are one of the many who is ready to leave the confines of your home and locality and want to save some money while seeing more sights, you may decide that a road trip is the best way to go. Remember, many other people are also expected to be out on the roads visiting various cities in Mississippi, the coastline, the mountains, and lakes too. The thought of your next trip, even if it is just a weekend getaway, is exciting. But, it is still important that you plan ahead to improve your safety.

Top Road Trips in Mississippi

Best Destinations to Visit in MississippiIf there are more cars on the road, then the potential for an accident rises. In the state of Mississippi expect that popular destinations near Jackson for both residents and tourists will have much more traffic. Some of the most well-liked stops include:

  • Gulfport for fun at the beach.
  • Jackson where the capital resides.
  • Natchez to enjoy some of the most striking antebellum architecture.
  • Arkabutla lake allows for hiking, swimming, and fishing.
  • Oxford for Ole Miss alums and prospective students to relive nostalgic memories or become even more excited to make them.
  • Biloxi for delicious seafood and trying your luck at the finest casinos.
  • Canton where history buffs can learn more about the confederates in the south.

Mississippi is rich in tourist destinations with so much to offer it is understandable why people from other states come to visit and why residents travel throughout. If you are going to be driving around the state:

  • Make sure you take rests if you feel sleepy.
  • Stay alert on the road.
  • Keep your phone and other distracting devices away from you.
  • While you enjoy great southern food and drink, do not drink too much and if you do, do not drive. There are plenty of ways to get around including rideshares, public transportation, and taxis.

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