Avoiding Accidents at a Red Light

Avoiding Accidents at a Red Light

Far too often, drivers who blow through red lights or stop short at red lights are the cause of major accidents and, in the majority of cases, these accidents have the potential to cause a fatality. As a matter of fact, AAA reported that in 2017 there were nearly 1,000 fatalities due to drivers who ran a red light. This figure represents an all-time high for red light deaths along with an increase of 28 percent since 2012.

When a driver chooses to disregard a red light, accidents can be especially bad and usually lead to injuries. The consequences of running a red light cannot be understated.

Another traffic concern at red lights is being rear-ended, especially if you came to a sudden stop.  While these kinds of accidents don’t often result in death, they are able to cause severe injuries that could demand expensive and extensive medical care. If you are the first in line and are coming up on a red light there are some actions you can take to stay safe.

Tap Your Brake Pedal as a Signal

Avoiding Accidents at a Red Light 

In the event that the driver behind you has not noticed that the light has turned red, giving them a kind of warning signal is a good way to inform them that you are slowing down. Tapping your brakes might be the extra warning the driver behind you needs to pay attention and start slowing down as well.

Be Prepared to Come to a Stop

Taking your foot off the gas pedal and sliding it over the brake will increase your chances of not having to stop short. This will allow your car to slowly begin to stop which will give the driver behind you additional time to slow down as well.

Pay Attention to the Traffic Signal

As you’re approaching, if the light has been green for a while you’ll want to start slowing down.  Many drivers think the best thing to do when a light has been green is to speed up to catch the light, but this may lead to unintended consequences.

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