Are You at Risk for Getting into a Mississippi Car Accident?

Are You at Risk for Getting into a Mississippi Car Accident?

In the United States, there are millions of car accidents that happen every year. In fact, there are over six million traffic incidents that take place somewhere in the country on a yearly basis. Over 90 people on average will lose their life in a car accident every single day. When compared to other developed nations, the United States leads the world as being the country with the highest death rate from car wrecks.

Most licensed drivers get in their car to go from one place to the next regularly. Because using a car is so common, it is normal not to think about the risk of a car accident every time you get behind the wheel. Even those who choose not to drive and decide instead, to use a ride share service, a bus, or a taxi are at risk for a crash. This begs the question, how likely are you to get into a car crash when you are traveling in some type of automobile?

What are the Risk Factors for Car Accidents?

Are You at Risk for Getting into a Mississippi Car AccidentThe smart thing to do when you drive is to follow the rules of the road and engage in safe driving practices to avoid a crash. The important point to understand is that drivers can only control themselves and their actions, they have no control of others. Driving defensively can help a driver steer clear of aggressive and reckless drivers but that alone will not be enough to completely avoid all potential car accidents.

Anyone of any age or gender can get into a car accident but according to the statistics, there are some groups and behaviors that make people more vulnerable to accidents than others:

  • In 2018, the lives of approximately 2,500 young people aged 13 to 19 years of age were lost in accidents. 
  • Teenage male drivers aged 16-19 die two times more often than their female counterparts in crashes.
  • Teenaged drivers in general, both male and female, who drive with other teenage passengers have very high rates of car accidents.
  • Novice teenaged drivers that have just passed their test for a license and hit the road with little experience are prone to car accidents.
  • Any driver that takes their mind, eyes, or hands off of the wheel is distracted. Distracted driving is dangerous and a leading cause behind traffic collisions every year.
  • Drivers who ignore the speed limit and drive excessively fast put themselves and everyone around them in danger.
  • Intoxicated drivers are well-known for being extremely unsafe and if a drunk driver causes your Mississippi car accident you may be able to build a strong case against them for negligence.
  • Not wearing seatbelts was behind 47% of passenger vehicle occupants who died in traffic crashes in 2019.

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Everyone is subject to potentially being in a car accident in Mississippi but some demographics are more vulnerable than others. Behavior also plays a part in whether an accident will happen or not. There is no set or specific way to determine what your chances are for being in a crash.  Though the data shows that you are more likely to be in a crash if you are a younger person with little experience and if you engage in unsafe driving practices.

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