Are There Ways to Prevent Mississippi Medication Errors?

Are There Ways to Prevent Mississippi Medication Errors?

With medication errors still resulting in injuries and deaths each year, this leaves many people wondering if anything is being done to deter these types of incidents. Some hospitals and other healthcare facilities have looked at and worked on ways to decrease the chances of medication errors. Learning about ways to do this as a patient might be able to further help you avoid the consequences of medication errors in your own life. If you suffered injuries caused by Mississippi medical malpractice, then consider reaching out to a Mississippi Medical Malpractice Attorney for guidance.

Ways Mississippi Medical Staff Can Avoid Medication Errors

To avoid future lawsuits, many medical teams have collaborated on ways to avoid Mississippi medication errors. They have done this through various studies on the rates Are There Ways to Prevent Mississippi Medication Errors?and types of medication errors and by exploring ways to avoid different types of errors. One way to do this is by reporting medication errors so they can be understood and avoided going forward.

This also means closer monitoring of the prescription process of medications as a whole that starts with the initial intake and ends with patient monitoring. Healthcare workers should not rush through the initial assessment of a patient because things like past allergies to similar medications and potential drug interactions could be easily overlooked. Moving to the prescribing and transferring of information, details about the medication name and dose can easily be miscommunicated.

One way to avoid this is by reading back the medication name to patients or other people involved, not using medicine abbreviations, and using barcodes for identifying or dispensing medications. Pharmacists should be familiar with medications that come with risky side effects or interactions with other drugs and warn patients of these risks with written information.

Are There Ways I Can Avoid Mississippi Medication Errors?

Other than ways medical professionals can avoid medication errors, there are also ways you can avoid them as a patient. Part of preventing Mississippi medication errors involves asking certain questions before accepting the prescription. Do not be afraid to ask what the medicine is for, how long the medication will last or should be taken, what steps you should take if you miss one dose, and what are the side effects?

You might also want to ask about potential interactions with other drugs if you take various medications. One red flag of Mississippi medication malpractice is when you are taking several other medications, but your doctor fails to assess potential interactions through a medication reconciliation. Lastly, ask what could happen if you take too much of the medicine and whether you can safely crush or split any pills you are taking.

Medical Malpractice Attorney in Mississippi

Faulty medicine can lead to serious physical or psychological harm. Consider contacting Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (607) 487-0555 to speak with a Jackson Pharmaceutical Products Lawyer for a consultation if you suffered harm from a new medication. Our legal team of Mississippi medical malpractice attorneys can help you collect the evidence you need to receive compensation for lost income, pain and suffering, and medical expenses.