Are Mississippi Insurnace Company’s Initial Settlement Checks Fair?

Are Mississippi Insurnace Company’s Initial Settlement Checks Fair?

There can be very costly repercussions of a Mississippi automobile accident. It is not just the property damages that can result in expensive bills but also when injuries are inflicted upon a victim, the amount of money necessary to pay medical bills can be exorbitant. A victim of a Jackson automobile accident should not have to pay for all of those costs after a negligent party causes their accident and their harm.

In some situations, injuries a victim suffered from a Mississippi car crash may be so severe that they have life-long implications or renders them unable to work for some time while they recover. Seeing repair bills from the mechanic and those coming from the doctor or hospital can be a very overwhelming situation for someone who also can not earn a paycheck.

Insurance companies know that victims of car crashes in Jackson can easily become anxious and concerned about their financial situation. Because of this, and especially when they know that the victim has a case against them, they are going to try and get off of the hook for as little money as possible.

To do this, an insurance agent is very likely to come to a victim posing as someone who cares and wants to help them with their situation by providing a check for compensation. It is very common for a victim to see the money as a way out of their debt and means to move on with their life. However, in the grand majority of cases, this could not be further from the truth.

Are Mississippi Insurance Company's Initial Settlement Checks Fair

How Insurance Companies Reduce the Money They Pay to Victims in Mississippi?

When an insurance company is quick to write a check, as a victim, it is wise to be wary and not be too quick to accept the check without the approval of your legal counsel. An insurance company never wants to have to pay victims any money, let alone the true amount that they deserve for their damages. Insurance companies know that they can pounce on a victim who is in a dire financial situation by providing a check much lower than the actual amount that their case is worth. If a victim accepts the money and signs off on their claim, only to find out at a later time that the money was not nearly enough to cover their costs, it is not likely that they will be able to go back to the insurance company for the rest of the money that they need.

Often, these initial checks that the insurance company provides a victim are not even 10% of the total cost of the damages a victim sustained. After a Mississippi car accident, the consequences for victims can vary. Some crashes are more severe than others, and sometimes there is physical bodily harm while other times there is not. Catastrophic injuries may require long-term and intensive expensive medical treatment.

In the case of death, the person who lost their life may have been the sole breadwinner for a family. Because of the high costs, a crash can inflict on a victim, working with a Mississippi car accident attorney is wise. Your attorney will be able to accurately value your case and ensure that you do not accept a check that is substantially less than what you need and deserve.

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