Are Car Recalls Common in Mississippi?

Are Car Recalls Common in Mississippi?

Every product consumers buy has the potential to have a marketing, manufacturing, or design defect. When it is realized that a product is faulty or poses harm to the population it will be recalled. Cars get recalled frequently for various issues, sometimes the recall for something that doesn’t pose a grave threat, and other times, a recall is issued for a serious danger that is present. When it comes to cars, knowing that everything is working properly gives the consumer peace of mind that they are reasonably safe while driving. 

The most common reason for personal injuries and death across the United States occurs as a result of traffic incidents. There are several reasons that can lead to a Mississippi car accident and for the most part, over 94% of crashes happen due to errors on the part of the driver. Despite the majority of crashes resulting from a driver’s mistake, a car that has a bad part could also cause a crash incident to take place. Sometimes it isn’t clear that there is an issue with a car until a devastating crash happens and it is determined that the vehicle had a component that was defective.

How Often Are Cars Recalled?

Are Car Recalls Common in MississippiMost people that have owned a car for the last 10 to 15 years have dealt with a recall letter. When car owners notice something isn’t right about their vehicle even if they didn’t necessarily get into a crash, they can report the issue. When the same issue with the same vehicle keeps being reported it activates the automaker to send out letters notifying people who own that vehicle of the problem. The letter will indicate what part is defective with instructions to get repairs. When the owner of the car takes their vehicle in to be fixed, they aren’t charged for the service.

These days, the public is seeing more recalls happening than they have ever experienced before. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration even reported that recalls have been on the rise for decades. Automobile recalls can happen for many reasons, but many are a result of:

  • A lot of car manufacturers are assembling their cars with the same universal parts. When one company makes a specific part and then it is used across the board in many different types of vehicles, if that part is defective, it will affect every vehicle that it was used in.
  • There is more attention to safety being paid to automakers by government agencies like the NHTSA as well as the Department of Justice. With the extra scrutiny, more errors are being uncovered.
  • The media is also looking deeply into defective product reports and highlighting instances where a crash is a result of a car that has some type of deficiency.

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You can always check the SaferCar app or the Recall Checkup Tool both by the NHTSA to get up-to-date information about recalls. You could also register your vehicle with Carfax to obtain updates on recalls that come about. Your personal safety and that of your family are important and staying informed about any defects that your car may have can help. If you were injured in a Mississippi traffic incident because of some type of failure or defect in your car, you could be able to recover compensation for your damages through a Mississippi product liability claim. To learn more about your options and to have your Jackson car crash thoroughly reviewed by an experienced Mississippi product liability attorney, call the Germany Law Firm at (601) 487-0555 and schedule a free consultation.