May 30, 2022

All You Need to Know About Exploding Batteries

Newer batteries are used more and more now in various products. As a result, exploding batteries can happen in some of the most unexpected of products. From baby strollers to smartwatches, these batteries come in multiple sizes. The harm caused by an exploding battery can be substantial and fatal depending on where the explosion happened. If you were harmed by an exploding battery, talk to a Jackson defective product attorney who can help.

What Batteries Are Exploding?

You may find yourself panicked wondering whether the battery in your phone or watch might explode. Many of these exploding battery cases involve lithium-ion batteries because they are a type of high-energy chemistry battery. This means these batteries are smaller but contain more energy, something that makes them prone to explode if mishandled.

This mishandling not only applies to consumers who remove or replace the battery but also to product manufacturers who test the product. Product manufacturers must take greater care to adequately test products that use these types of batteries. Without proper testing, a manufacturer could put a dangerous product in the hands of consumers.

It can be helpful to be aware of what products have involved exploding batteries in the past. Some of the most common products recalled due to battery hazards include:

, All You Need to Know About Exploding Batteries, Germany Law Firm PLLC

  • Cellphone chargers
  • Electric scooters like hoverboards
  • Electronic products
  • Portable computers
  • Battery-powered tools
  • Battery-powered ride-on toys

Batteries have not only exploded in some of these products but they have also been known to overheat and cause fires. Other people have been electrocuted or suffered thermal burns from these batteries.

Can I Sue for an Exploding Battery?

You might be able to sue a product manufacturer if you were harmed by an exploding battery. Not only can exploding batteries cause thermal burns, but they may also result in:

  • Lost fingers
  • Severe eye damage
  • Soft tissue damages
  • Hearing problems

Injuries suffered from an exploding battery depend highly on how big the battery was, and which part of the body was hit by the explosion. You will need to prove what injuries you suffered to file a product liability lawsuit for compensation. This can be done by obtaining copies of your medical records and taking pictures of your injuries.

You will also need to prove the exploding battery is what caused your injuries. Take pictures of the accident scene and keep any pieces and parts from the explosion. Keep records of the product name, serial number, receipt, packaging, and instructions.

Write down what led to the incident and contact a Jackson defective product lawyer to see what other evidence you need. A lawyer can guide you through the steps needed to build a strong lawsuit. You could be eligible for significant compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Defective Product Attorney in Jackson

Product companies will do almost anything to defend their company. Contact the Germany Law Firm, PLLC by dialing (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Mississippi defective product lawyer for a consultation today. Our attorneys can work with you to defend your lawsuit against the battery or product manufacturing company. We can be found throughout Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.

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