Air Traffic Volume Increases Human Error

Air Traffic Volume Increases Human Error

The job that an air traffic controller does is incredibly important to coordinate how airplanes move about so that airplanes and their passengers are safe from accidents. Air traffic controllers are responsible for:

  • Keeping enough distance between planes as they fly into and out of an airport.
  • Making sure that the flow of air traffic is moving without incident to avoid delays.
  • Communicate with pilots to keep them informed about the environment.
  • Signal to emergency response personnel when issues arise.

Both radar and computers aid air traffic controllers in doing their job. Yet, several studies show that despite all of the advanced technologies and equipment that air traffic controllers have access to, ultimately many decisions are up to the actual professional to make which leaves plenty of room for human error. In fact, the Journal of Transportation Technologies did a study that showed that when air traffic is increased, the amount of human error on the part of air traffic controllers also rises.

Air Traffic Controller Errors and Aviation Accidents in Mississippi

Air Traffic Volume Increases Human ErrorAn air traffic controller has a serious job to do and the ability to stay alert and focused during the entire duration of their job is paramount. These airport professionals work all types of shifts because flights are going in and out of various airports around the nation all day and night long. It can be a very stressful job to be an air traffic controller because of the weight that goes along with the job that is done. Mistakes could result in massive loss of life should a plane crash.

Even though air traffic controllers have people around them at all times watching over things, human error is part of the job. This means that mistakes can happen. The good news is that with updated rules by the Federal Aviation Administration allowing for more accurate reporting of errors that do take place and those that almost occurred, there is a better understanding of issues that can be addressed. 

Though, because it is much easier to report errors, that means that the number of errors identified has increased, which makes it look like the profession is overwhelmed with negligence and dangerous blunders.  Many small errors make up the majority of the reports. Meaning that even though the amount of error reports has increased, serious errors which require action on the part of a pilot because of immediate peril do not happen as often as it may seem. Because of this, you shouldn’t be afraid to get on a commercial airline. Commercial airplane accidents are not very common but that doesn’t mean that they can’t happen. If you were injured in a Mississippi airplane accident, Bob Germany is a Mississippi aviation attorney that can help you with your Mississippi aviation injury claim.

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