Accident Statistics for Commercial Trucks in Mississippi

Accident Statistics for Commercial Trucks in Mississippi

The strength and vigor of the United States economy rely in no small part on commercial trucks, which transport approximately 70 percent of all goods manufactured in America back and forth across the country so they can be sold or exported. 

Unfortunately, in addition to the almost 228 million licensed drivers already occupying them, this creates an excess of oversized, overweight vehicles on our country’s roadways, thereby increasing everyone’s chances of becoming the unwitting victim of a catastrophic commercial truck accident.

Below are listed a few troublesome statistics regarding accidents that involve these colossal conveyors of commerce.

90 Percent 

Accident Statistics for Commercial Trucks in Mississippi

Just over 90 percent of all accidents involving commercial trucks (tractor-trailers, tanker trucks, box trucks, etc.) are the result of basic human error.

Less than 10 percent of commercial truck mishaps are caused by something other than poor decision-making skills, suggesting that not only is there a blatantly at-fault party in the majority of commercial truck accidents, but that the accident itself and all damages arising from or relating to the accident were not happenstance or the will of a higher power, but rather they were absolutely avoidable.

36 Percent 

More than one-third of all commercial trucking accidents that resulted in the death of another person took place after the sun had gone down

Driving while it is dark outside routinely offers its own set of risks and difficulties. It is much harder to detect potential hazards in the roadway and drivers, especially long-haul truck drivers, are more likely to be tired, seriously reducing their ability to safely operate their oversized vehicle with the extra-long braking distance, as well as their ability to make the reliable, split-second decisions that all drivers are sometimes required to make.

67 Percent 

Slightly more than two-thirds of all commercial trucking accidents that involve a fatality do so on a rural roadway.

Drivers who traverse these long, pastoral country roads often drive well above the speed limit for obvious reasons: the instances in which they have to slow down for traffic or stoplights, and the odds of them zooming past a police car are both significantly reduced. Drivers who make frequent use of America’s back roads are also more likely to forgo their seatbelt, and drive while they are under the influence. They are also at an increased risk of being involved in an accident incited by a rogue animal, farm or otherwise, darting into the road in front of them.

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