8 Recovery Truths After a TBI

8 Recovery Truths After a TBI

Traumatic brain injuries can have long-lasting negative health implications. When the head suffers some type of forceful impact from a sports accident, a car crash, or any other damaging incident it is possible to sustain a TBI. The severity of a person’s TBI can be what dictates what their future outlook will be in terms of physical and functional capacity in life.

TBI’s can range in severity and while some people will largely be able to overcome the repercussions of a TBI, others will be permanently damaged. Seeing a doctor after a head injury is incredibly important. Doing so allows a person to get a correct diagnosis for their injuries and then they can begin the process of recovery. 

Recovering from Brain Injuries

8 Recovery Truths After a TBI InjuryOnce it has been determined that you suffered some amount of brain injury, you may be kept in the hospital or you may be given instructions by your doctor for healing. There are some important considerations to think about when you are released to go home after you were diagnosed with your TBI. The following eight points are worthwhile to contemplate as you begin the process of recovery.

  1. Everyone’s TBI is unique and so how one person’s body recovers can be very different from another person with a similar amount of brain injury. The speed of healing, the medication required, and how much recovery is possible are all going to vary from person to person. So only focusing on your recovery is important. Comparing yourself to anyone else will not be helpful.
  2. There are resources that can support TBI victims as they navigate life and recovery. The Brain Injury Association of America is one.
  3. A TBI can leave a person with serious deficits that can make life much more challenging. Memory issues, vision problems, emotional struggles, mental health disorders, and trouble with motor control are some examples.
  4. Recovery can take a very long time so staying positive and not giving up on improvement can go a long way. Staying optimistic and motivated gives you the best chances of continuing to get better.
  5. Medications can be very helpful in managing symptoms that can come with a TBI. Other actions like exercise or meditation can also support overall improved wellbeing.
  6. Allow yourself to rest and unplug from technology so you do not wear yourself out.
  7. Be prepared to get fatigued quicker than you used to when doing daily tasks. If you need to take a nap or sleep in, do not stress yourself out and listen to your body.
  8. Work on accepting that you have suffered a traumatic injury and your life moving forward may look different than it used to be. However, you can live a full life but you may have to reassess the way you see things.

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