June 6, 2022

7 Most Likely Reasons Why You Lost Your Personal Injury Suit

When another party acts recklessly, and their careless behavior causes an incident that leaves you injured, you could be faced with high costs to remedy your situation. Depending on how your injury accident happened and how severe your physical harm is, the magnitude of the losses that you have suffered could be significant and far-reaching.

For example, car accidents are among the most common reasons for injury and death reported across the United States every year. When a car accident happens, it can be mild, moderate, catastrophic, or deadly. Many car accidents result in physical bodily harm, emotional trauma, property damages, and even missed wages if your injuries keep you from being able to work. All of these damages combined can cost a victim quite a lot of money. To recoup financial compensation, a personal injury claim can be filed. However, it has to be successful for a victim to secure the funds they need to pay for their damages.

Why Did You Lose Your Personal Injury Suit?

, 7 Most Likely Reasons Why You Lost Your Personal Injury Suit, Germany Law Firm PLLCIf any of the following are true, then it could mean a failed suit for compensation after an injury accident or wrongful death incident in Mississippi takes place.

  1. Deciding to file a suit without the help of an experienced attorney is not recommended. Legal counsel better protects victims’ rights and shields them from the deceitful tactics that insurance companies engage in to devalue claims and also to deny them. If you do not have a legal professional by your side that can identify these strategies and fight against them, you may likely get little to nothing from your claim. In Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney that offers dedicated legal counsel to victims who were harmed by negligent parties.
  2. Depending on the state you live in, if you were responsible for a majority of the reason your accident happened, you may be barred from receiving compensation from a claim. In Mississippi, the pure comparative negligence rule applies, meaning that no matter how much fault you have, you can still recover compensation.
  3. Misstatements, untruths, or other false claims or accusations that you make can diminish your credibility and lead to a case dismissal.
  4. Irresponsible use of social media showing that you are engaging in activities that would seem contrary to what you have alleged your damages can be used as evidence against you. Everything you post, from pictures to videos and words, is all going to be watched by insurance adjusters who will be looking for any damning information to harm your claim.
  5. Filing a claim outside your state’s statute of limitations can mean forfeiture of rights to secure compensation.
  6. Insufficient evidence proving your damages can have your claim thrown out or denied.
  7. Not being completely open and honest with your attorney about past accident history, injuries, and professional work situation puts your attorney at a disadvantage in providing you the highest quality legal services.

Speak with a Jackson Personal Injury Attorney Today

Working on a claim quickly after an injury accident with a qualified Mississippi wrongful death attorney or personal injury lawyer gives you the best chance of winning and getting fair compensation. Call the Jackson personal injury law firm at Germany Law to schedule a free consultation at (601) 487-0555.

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