5 Pieces of Information Witnesses Can Provide After a Crash

5 Pieces of Information Witnesses Can Provide After a Crash

Not everyone who was injured in an accident has the ability to speak to witnesses, but connecting with witnesses as soon after an accident as possible is extremely important. The first and foremost reason is that it is vital to get an accurate statement as to what they saw happen. However, if a victim cannot handle the task or another party with them is unable to do it, then it could be possible for a victim’s attorney to reach out to witnesses and ask for their statement.

Witness statements are incredibly powerful pieces of information that victims can use in their Mississippi personal injury claims to establish fault. The information that witnesses provide can show that negligent behavior on behalf of another party/parties is what caused the accident and the resulting damages to the victim.

If you were injured in an accident, such as a car crash in Mississippi, the Jackson car accident attorney at The Germany Law Firm, PLLC can help you build a strong claim and fight on your behalf to get the most compensation possible.

Information to Obtain from Witnesses

5 Pieces of Information Witnesses Can Provide after a CrashIf you are able to speak to a witness, if a loved one can do it on your behalf, or if your lawyer is going to speak to witnesses that are willing to provide a statement, the following bits of information should be addressed:

  1. The witness can provide their contact information like their name, address, phone number so you or your lawyer can reach out to them when necessary.
  2. The witness should be able to verbally explain the date and time the incident took place.
  3. The witness can provide their point of view of the accident, like what their location was when the incident happened.
  4. Witnesses can think back about how the crash happened and provide estimates of what they believed occurred including how fast each car was driving, the conditions of the environment, how far each car was from each other before the crash happened if either car violated the rules of the road like running a red light, and about how close they were to see all the events of the incident take place.
  5. Witnesses may be able to draw a detailed diagram of what they saw happen which can clarify their position and provide beneficial visual evidence.

After you have all of the pertinent information, you may want to read it back to the victim so they can agree to what you recorded or make any adjustments that are needed. Then, asking if the witness will sign and date the statement is helpful to validate it.

When you or a loved one is taking witness statements it is critical to listen carefully and be accurate in what you record. Putting down everything that is said exactly as you can is critical to ensuring that the witness’s words are correct and reflect what they think happened.

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