4 Tips to Safely Share the Road with Motorcyclists

4 Tips to Safely Share the Road with Motorcyclists

When a motorcycle is involved in an accident, the results are often far more catastrophic for the riders of the bike than for those inside the vehicle. A motorcycle occupant’s most important piece of safety equipment is their helmet, and after that, there are only a few other forms of protection that a biker can wear such as guards for their arms and legs. Ultimately, even with some safeguards available, a biker’s body is highly susceptible to the elements and more likely to sustain substantial harm. 

In 2019, there were upwards of 5,115 deaths from motorcycle crashes across the nation, and approximately 79,000 injuries from motorcycle accidents. There are around 8.6 motorcycles registered in the United States and that number only continues to climb. Even though there are far fewer motorcycles on the road than other passenger cars, which are estimated to be at over 263 million in the country, the devastation that occurs after a motorcycle accident makes up a significant portion of all injuries that result from all types of collisions. Altogether, motorcycle accidents make up 14% of all fatal crashes in the country, 17% of all passenger occupants’ deaths, and 3% of all the injuries recorded annually.

Knowing how to responsibly operate your automobile near motorcyclists can improve road safety and save lives.

4 Ways to Drive Safely Near a Motorcycle

4 Tips to Safely Share the Road with MotorcyclistsDriving cautiously and staying alert to everything that is going on around you when you are operating your car can reduce the chances that you are in a crash. Not only is it important to be careful and sensible while driving to keep you and your passengers safer, but this behavior also keeps others who share the road with you free from harm.

There is no doubt that at some point every driver will be on the road and near a motorcyclist. So the next time you go out for a drive consider the following safety practices if there are motorcycles present:

  1. Motorcycles are much smaller than your average passenger vehicle. For instance, motorcycles can weigh anywhere from 300 to 500 pounds. Compared to a standard passenger vehicle that weighs 3,00-4,000 pounds on average, motorcycles have far less mass and substance than other vehicles on the road. Because of this, if you are passing a motorcyclist, giving yourself as much room and space as possible can keep you from potentially crashing into or clipping a bike.
  2. When a motorcycle uses its turn signal, it is dependant on the rider to turn it off. Car signals, by contrast, will turn off after a turn has been made. So, if you see a turn signal on a motorcycle, provide space and be cautious of the driver’s intentions. They may have forgotten to turn off their turn signal or they may plan on turning.
  3. Cars cannot come to a stop as quickly as a motorcycle, so keep space when riding behind one.
  4. Allow a motorcyclist the full width of the lane they are traveling in.

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