4 Reasons for a Mississippi Wrongful Death Claim

4 Reasons for a Mississippi Wrongful Death Claim

An unexpected loss of a loved one is a traumatic thing to experience. When a healthy individual needlessly has their life taken from them because another party was negligent with their behavior, the state of Mississippi allows certain parties to file a wrongful death claim for compensation. There are guidelines and rules, though, that the state sets forth that must be followed to file a claim.

The Jackson wrongful death attorney at the Germany Law Firm, PLLC can assist you with each step of the wrongful death claims process. It is natural to feel distressed and even angry after losing a loved one. A wrongful death claim can hold the culpable parties financially responsible for the destruction and damages they caused surviving family members.

When Can a Mississippi Wrongful Death Claim be Filed?

There are four situations where a wrongful death claim is the appropriate course of action for surviving family members. These are:

  1. An incident that happens as a result of negligent actions. Premise liability, car, aviation, and motorcycle accidents are a few examples.
  2. Medical malpractice situations where a medical provider or medical facility makes errors or mistakes that are the cause of a person’s death.
  3. Defective products are not only able to inflict serious injuries, but they can also be deadly. When a defective product had a design error, was improperly manufactured, or if the product4 Reasons for a Mississippi Wrongful Death Claim had deceptive marketing, all of these things can have the potential to impose fatal consequences.
  4. Intentional acts can also cause death. Violence and crime are two examples.

Under Mississippi’s wrongful death laws instances that take place where a person would have been able to file a personal injury claim if they hadn’t died are considered viable circumstances for a wrongful death claim.  The result of wrongful death suits is financial compensation, not criminal penalties like serving prison time. This is because wrongful death suits are civil, not criminal.

When you file a wrongful death claim, you have to support your claim with enough evidence that clearly shows:

  • The party you are filing against owed your loved one some amount of duty of care.
  • The party you are filing against was negligent and their reckless actions were to blame for the fatal accident that took your loved ones’ life.
  • That you suffered damages after your loved one died.

When you can show these things, you are likely to have a successful claim. To ensure that you get the appropriate amount of compensation from your wrongful death claim, consider working with the Jacksonville wrongful death lawyer at the Germany Law Firm, PLLC.

Speak with a Jackson Wrongful Death Attorney

A personal representative, surviving spouse, children, parents, and siblings may bring about a wrongful death suit in Mississippi. Even though Mississippi law indicates that only one suit can be filed, all of the eligible parties can be included in it.

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