10 Steps for Taking Witness Testimony

10 Steps for Taking Witness Testimony

Witness statements after an accident can heavily impact the outcome of a personal injury claim. When witnesses are able to give testimony or make statements, their information can strengthen a personal injury claim and make a victim appear more credible with their explanation of what happened in their accident.

There are times when it is impossible for a victim to secure witness statements. Catastrophic accidents where the injuries are severe or fatal would preclude a victim from speaking to potential witnesses. In emergency situations, even others involved in an accident who are not as badly injured may have to help those who are. Then, these individuals would also be limited in their ability to speak to witnesses. 

Yet, for accidents where it is possible to connect with witnesses, doing so is an important action to take after an accident. If you were harmed in an injury event in Jackson, MS, the Germany Law Firm, PLLC can help you with your claim. Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney with over four decades of experience assisting injured parties with their Mississippi personal injury claims.

How to Take Down Witness Testimony

10 Steps For Taking Witness TestimonyIf witnesses are willing to provide a statement, these tips can help you get a detailed, quality testimony of what they saw with regard to your accident.

  1. Ask for the witness’s name, address, and contact information should your attorney want to reach out to the individual in the future.
  2. Ask if a witness will include the date and time that the accident took place in their statement.
  3. Ask a witness to indicate what they were doing at the time of the accident and where they saw it take place.
  4. Write every single word the witness says down verbatim. 
  5. Ask the witness to speak to who they saw cause the accident.
  6. You can ask witnesses to estimate variables important to how a crash took place like if a driver was distracted or how fast they were traveling.
  7. Ask the witness how clearly they saw the incident.
  8. Ask the witness if they observed any injuries.
  9. Ask the witness to detail what each party did after the accident happened.
  10. Have the witness sign and date the document that you write up.

Getting witness statements is not the easiest task after an accident. Because accidents can be frightening and shocking, it is common for individuals involved to be unable to think clearly. While it is most helpful to obtain witness statements as close to the accident taking place as possible, at the very least, getting a witness’s contact information to reach out to them at a later time will do.

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Witness testimony may just be one piece of evidence that can be used to support a personal injury claim, but witness statements can be powerful. If you have questions about how to file a personal injury claim in Mississippi, or if you would like assistance with your current claim, please call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC for assistance. To schedule a free consultation, call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (601) 487-0555.